As software experts we understand your difficulties with software development. We’ve experienced the same lack of adaptability, management and control of complex software and we’ve felt your frustration over the shortage of skilled software developers.

We are a diverse team of the best of the best experts in the IT field in the Benelux, including a number of brilliant software (and hardware) engineers, with over 30 years of experience with very complex systems. We offer software optimization, complexity reduction (tooling) and extreme adaptability for existing and new software to your developers and users.

By splitting existing and developing new software into independent autonomous components, for the purpose of complexity reduction and adaptability, and (automatic) refactoring for optimization, you get excellent, simple, reliable, efficient, resilient, stable, fast, scalable, easy manageable, expandable and insanely adaptable software. The result is that maintaining (TCO), updating (even Over The Air), changing and/or reusing (existing) software, and/or building new parts (or completely new software) is fast and straightforward. Your developers can more easily detect, fix and prevent errors. Detecting and removing unwanted pieces of code (such as ‘cheat software’) is a breeze. Thus making building, adapting, managing, controlling, improving, expanding and maintaining (very complex) software, as well as preventing and solving software errors, much easier and more efficient, better mastering your software development processes.

After years of experimenting with, and creating technologies for automated software optimization and complexity reduction we have come up with a technical, combined with methodological solution by which you can take back control of your existing and new software and better master your development process. The time is just right for a R&D project to take this a step further. We want to create innovative software that automates mentioned software complexity reduction and optimization through the use of mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) targeting zero management environments by self organizing software development projects and ultimately by self organizing goal oriented software. Enabling easy digital transformation, live adapting software to changing business models, processes and individual users and customer’s needs.

We are ready for the next step solving acute software problems (quick wins) and at the same time realizing the future of software development. Are you?

The goal is empowering your developers and users with the future of software development!