As our society becomes more and more purpose driven, there is a need to valuate businesses, activities, products and services based on more than monetary value / cost alone. Our society is well equipped with, used to and built upon systems that are money driven. If we want to valuate beyond ‘money’, we need systems that are user friendly and easy to implement and maintain to get adopted and to be able to add to or even dispel and replace the old systems.

To accomplish these user friendly, easy to implement and maintainable systems, our current (software) technology falls short. You only need to follow the news or search on  the internet for ‘computer failure’ and you will agree. And these are just local systems. How about a worldwide system? With billions or even trillions of small interconnected devices (IoT). Linked to millions or billions of mobile phones, ERP systems, apps, data crunchers, AI systems, you name it. How are we going to maintain that? How about updating the software of a trillion devices with millions of different versions of firmware with security patches or functional updates?

StartLoving.IT is about developing the operating system for the age of IoT and purpose.